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International Coolers offers custom and standard-sized walk-in freezers that are built at the highest industry standard. The freezers use a cam-locking system that is connected using tongue and groove panels. This creates the perfect air-tight seal preventing wasted energy or thermal infiltration into the insulation core. If you need a quality, commercial-grade walk-in freezer, International Coolers has the solutions for you.

If you’re in the market for a walk-in freezer, you’ve come to the right place. Having a reliable and efficient walk-in freezer is essential for businesses in the food and beverage industry. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, caterer, or grocer, finding the perfect walk-in cooler that suits your needs is crucial.

Our walk in freezer refrigeration units are built to the specific needs of our customers. Each panel has been designed to provide quick and easy assembly. To ensure that the locking mechanisms and panels join correctly, our walk-ins coolers are pre-assembled at our manufacturing facility. 

After testing your walk-in freezer, the panels are then packaged to ensure they are safe throughout the shipping process.

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Why Walk In Freezers Matter ?

They are more than just large refrigerators; they are an integral part of any business that deals with perishable goods. These coolers provide a controlled environment for storing and preserving food items, ensuring their freshness and safety.

The right walk-in freezer can help prevent food spoilage, reduce waste, and maintain compliance with health and safety regulations.

Factors to Consider in Buying Walk in Freezers

Before diving into your search for walk-in freezers for sale near you, it’s important to consider a few key factors.

  1. Determine the size and capacity you require based on your business needs. Consider the available space in your establishment and the volume of goods you need to store.
  2. Think about the type of cooling system that suits your requirements. There are two main types: self-contained and remote. Self-contained units have all components integrated into the cooler, while remote units have separate condensing units installed outside the building.
  3. Pay attention to the energy efficiency and insulation of the walk-in cooler. Look for units that are ENERGY STAR certified to ensure optimal energy consumption. The insulation should be high-quality, as it plays a crucial role in maintaining temperature consistency and reducing energy costs.
  4. Consider the reputation and reliability of the manufacturer or supplier. Read customer reviews and inquire about warranties and after-sales support.

Finding Walk-In Freezers for Sale Near You

Now that you have a better understanding of what to look for, it’s time to find walk-in freezer for sale near you.

Start your search by checking our walk in freezer.

International Coolers offer wide range of options available:

10’x10’x8′ Walk-in Cooler
100’x100’x10′ Walk-in Cooler
100’x100x15′ Walk-in Cooler
12’x28’x8′ Walk-in Cooler
15’x15’x8′ Walk-in Cooler
15’x28’x12′ Walk-in Cooler
16’x28’x8′ Walk-in Cooler
17′-6″x14′-1″x8′-6.25″ Walk-in Coolers
18’x20’x9′ Walk-in Cooler
19’x10’x18′ Walk-in Cooler
20’x20’x10′ Walk-in Cooler
20’x20’x14′ Walk-in Cooler
20’x30’x16′ Walk-in Cooler
20’x40’x10′ Walk in Cooler
20’x40’x15′ Drive in Cooler
20’x40’x16′ Walk-in Coolers
25’x60’x18′ Walk-in Coolers
25’x6’x8′ 9 Glass Door Walk-in Cooler
29’x 48’x 18′ Walk-in Cooler
30’x30’x10′ Walk-in Cooler
30’x40’x18′ Walk-in Cooler
30’x30’x12′ Walk-in Cooler
34.6’x10-.8’x9′ 13 Glass Door Walk in Cooler
36-2.25’x8’x9’13 Glass Door Walk-in Cooler
36’x26’x12′ Walk-in Cooler
36’x26’x9′  Walk-in Cooler
38’x35’x8’L Shaped Walk in Cooler
39’x44’x18′ Walk-in Cooler
39’x54’x18′ Walk-in Cooler
40’x40’x20′ Walk-in Cooler
40’x80’x10′ Walk-in Cooler
41’x24’x18′ Walk-in Cooler
48’x29’x18 Walk-in Cooler
50’x50’x18′ Walk-in Cooler
8’x8’x8′ Walk in Cooler

If possible, request a visit to inspect the cooler personally. Check for any signs of wear and tear, such as rust, leaks, or damaged components. Contact Us HERE.

You can also visit us at 8331 Hoyle Ave Dallas, TX. 75227

Ready to INVEST in walk in coolers?

Investing in a high-quality walk-in cooler is crucial for businesses that rely on storing perishable goods. By considering factors like size, cooling system, energy efficiency, and reputable sellers, you can find the perfect walk-in cooler for sale near you, ensuring your business operates smoothly while keeping your products fresh and safe. o

Frequently Asked Questions

How can investing in a walk-in freezer help restaurants save money in the long run?

Investing in a walk-in freezer can help restaurants save money in the long run by providing the capability to store a wider range of food items. With a walk-in freezer, restaurants can purchase food in bulk quantities, which often come at discounted rates, leading to cost savings. Additionally, the ability to store more food items allows restaurants to take advantage of seasonal produce or special offers, further reducing overall ingredient costs. By having more control over food storage and purchasing, restaurants can minimize waste and optimize their inventory management, ultimately improving their bottom line.

Why are walk-in freezers important for the food-service industry, particularly in restaurants?

Walk-in freezers are essential for the restaurant industry for several reasons. They provide rapid access to perishable goods, ensuring the freshness and quality of ingredients, which allows restaurants to expand their menu variety. These freezers also enable bulk storage of food, offering cost savings through bulk purchasing and reduced shopping trips, enhancing financial efficiency. Additionally, the large storage capacity of walk-in freezers helps manage inventory more effectively, reducing food waste and ensuring a steady supply of ingredients. This leads to fewer operational disruptions. Overall, walk-in freezers are critical for improving menu offerings, reducing costs, and streamlining food management in restaurants.

What type of walk-in freezer is designed for warehouses or large commercial operations?

The walk-in freezers designed for warehouses or other large commercial operations are industrial walk-in freezers. These units are specifically tailored for such settings and are typically chest models with multiple doors to accommodate the large storage needs of commercial operations.

When is a medium-sized walk-in freezer unit recommended for businesses?

A medium-sized walk-in freezer unit is recommended for businesses that require more space, such as warehouses or large grocery stores.

What sets International Coolers’ selection of walk-in freezers apart from other options on the market?

International Coolers distinguishes itself in the market with its comprehensive range of walk-in freezers. This company offers a diverse selection of commercial refrigeration systems in various sizes and specifications to meet different storage needs. A standout feature of International Coolers is its capacity to provide custom-sized walk-in freezer units designed to precisely fit specific areas.

International Coolers avoids one-size-fits-all solutions, recognizing that individual requirements can differ. It aims to provide customers with versatile options that cater to their unique demands. Whether customers are in the market for new, used, or refurbished units, International Coolers ensures access to a varied selection of high-quality walk-in freezers and coolers. This commitment to providing diverse and customizable solutions sets International Coolers apart from other market offerings, enabling customers to find the ideal freezer package for their space and budget.

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