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Maximize Energy Efficiency with Our Convenience Store Coolers

Energy efficiency remains a critical consideration for any grocery store. Our convenience store coolers utilize tongue and groove panels with a cam-locking system to ensure an air-tight seal, effectively restricting thermal infiltration into the insulation core.

Additionally, we construct our panels using foamed-in-place polyurethane, which outperforms the polystyrene found in other products. For these reasons and more, our convenience store coolers excel at keeping your items cool efficiently.

High-Quality Commercial Refrigeration from International Coolers

International Coolers specializes in supplying high-quality, commercial-grade refrigeration and freezers to gas stations, convenience stores, and liquor stores. Our coolers keep the cool air in while offering an attractive and organized display option. Made to order, these coolers and freezers fit your business’s exact floor plan and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages of Using Walk-In Coolers Over Conventional Refrigerators

Walk-in coolers offer several benefits over conventional refrigerators. They help maximize the shelf life of products, ingredients, and materials by providing larger storage capacity and more consistent cooling temperatures. Additionally, walk-in coolers improve energy efficiency compared to conventional refrigerators, leading to long-term cost savings. With various size options available on the market, walk-in coolers offer a versatile refrigeration solution suitable for businesses of different scales and industries.

Can custom sizes of walk-in coolers be quoted to suit specific needs?

Yes, walk-in coolers of custom sizes can indeed be quoted to specifically address your unique requirements. Our team is equipped to provide quotes for walk-in coolers or freezers in any size necessary to meet your specific needs.

Is there a variety of square footage available for walk-in coolers?

Yes, we offer a wide range of square footage options for our walk-in coolers and freezers. Whether you require a small, compact unit or a larger storage space, our services include the ability to provide customized quotes for walk-in coolers of any size to best suit your specific needs.

Why Purchasing Walk-In Coolers is a Smart Choice for Business Owners

Clever business owners and procurement professionals often consider purchasing walk-in coolers because they provide cost-effective solutions that stretch budgets while still delivering reliable equipment. Used walk-in coolers, for instance, offer comparable performance to new ones but come at a lower price point. This allows businesses to maximize savings without compromising quality. Furthermore, many used coolers include guarantees or pre-sale inspections, adding reassurance about their condition and performance. By opting for used equipment, business owners and procurement professionals make financially savvy decisions that benefit their operations in the long run. Therefore, choosing used walk-in coolers not only saves money but also ensures dependable performance.

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