International Coolers™ is the leading provider of floral walk-in coolers and we work with each customer from design to installation and address their specific needs while focusing on energy use and maintained temperature control. Customer options include low velocity center mount evaporators that mount flush to the ceiling to provide extra storage space and include two-way air flow to provide even circulation as well as consistent temperature, convenient access for service and can be used with the best environmentally friendly refrigerant. International Coolers™ floral walk-in coolers also come with standard LED lights that are ideal for illuminating floral arrangements as they are designed and engineered to reduce UV as well as heat, which cause discoloration and wilting.

Standard Features

  • 26-gauge corrosion resistant white galvanized steel
  • Doors equipped with heavy duty brushed chrome hardware
  • Modular panel construction for easy installation, expansion and relocation
  • Diagram with installation instructions
  • Deadbolt locking handle with independent key and inside safety release  
  • 100% polyurethane foamed in place insulated panels that are HFC free
  • Zero ozone depletion

Standard Swing Door Options:

  • 4″ or 5″ thick door
  • Different size view windows with heat option
  • Freezer doors come with heater wire
  • With sweep across floor
  • With lock, safe bar inside
  • 3pcs brushed chrome hinges
  • Self-closing
  • Right or left opening
  • Diamond kick plate

    1. 36″ x 75″
    2. 36″ x 78″
    3. 36″ x 80″ 
    4. 42″ x 78″
    5. 47″ x 78″ 
    6. 54″ x 78″

Standard Glass Door Option Size – Floral Walk-In Coolers

  1. 23” x75”
  2. 24”x75”
  3. 30”x65”
  4. 30”x79”
  5. 30”x80”

There are 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 frame options.

Door Size 1 Door Frame 2 Door Frame 3 Door Frame 4 Door Frame 5 Door Frame
24”x75” 26”x77.44” 50.51”x77.44” 75.03”x77.44” 99.53”x77.44” 124.05”x77.44”
23”x75” 25”x77.44” 48.5”x77.44” 72”x77.44” 95.51”x77.44” 119.37”x77.44”
30”x65” 32”x78.97” 62.51”X78.97” 93.03”x78.97” 123.54”x78.97” 154.05”X78.97”
30”X79” 32”x81.34” 62.52”x81.34” 93.03”x81.34” 123.54”x81.34” 154.05”x81.34”
30”x80” 32”x82.36” 62.52”x82.36” 93.03”x82.36” 123.54”x82.36” 154.05”x82.36”

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