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  • Walk-in Cooler and Freezer Containers

      Our container coolers, freezers and blast freezers are ready ready to use once delivered.

    These refridgerated containers (R448a) are considered to be more environmentally friendly compared to many traditional refrigerants. This is due to several reasons:

    It has a relatively lower Global Warming Potential (GWP): The GWP of R448a is around 1273, which is significantly less than many older refrigerants like R404A, which have a GWP of over 3900.

    It doesn't deplete the ozone layer: R448a is an HFO (Hydrofluoroolefin) blend, which means it does not contain chlorine, the element responsible for ozone layer depletion.

    It is energy efficient: While this doesn't directly tie into it being environmentally friendly, lower energy requirements mean less electricity is used, which generally leads to lower carbon emissions overall if the electricity is generated from fossil fuels.

    Walk-in Cooler Containers and Walk-in Freezer Containers for Convenience Stores, Supermarkets Florist Shops, Breweries, & Much More!

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