When it comes to running a successful brewery, there’s absolutely nothing more important than keeping your beer ice cold. International Coolers™ designs and builds custom brewery walk-in coolers that have all the features you need to keep your brews at the perfect temperature.

The ideal temperature for brewery coolers is just above freezing — which is colder than other standard applications. This means it’s essential to opt for a walk-in cooler that’s specifically made for breweries. Not to mention, most breweries require a lot of storage space to keep beer cold, and our walk-ins are large enough to accommodate operations of all sizes.

Since brewery cooler doors are opened periodically, we take both the specs of your unit as well the number of times the doors are opened throughout the day into account when we calculate the correct amount of refrigeration.

Our custom-built brewery coolers range from 40’x20’x10’ walk-in cooler to 100’x100’x20’ walkin cooler and can build out to any size up to with single span ceiling panels up to 38’ These units include support rods that connect the walk-in cooler ceiling to the structure ceiling to provide unparalleled stability. At International Coolers™, we put our extensive experience to work to help you select the right cooler for your brewery, and our team will support you throughout the entire selection,delivery, and installation process.


  1. Capacity: Make sure the walk-in cooler can fit your desired amount of product.
  2. Location: Consider where the walk-in cooler will be placed in the brewery; make sure you have the necessary space, and the design won’t interfere with other operations.
  3. Width: If you plan to store kegs and other large items, make sure the cooler has enough width to accommodate them.
  4. Design: Look for a walk-in cooler that uses modern features and energy-efficient designs, this will help reduce utility costs.
  5. Insulation: Make sure the walls of your walk-in cooler are well-insulated to retain cold air and prevent heat or cold loss.
  6. Ventilation: Since the walk-in cooler will have a closed-off area, adequate ventilation will be needed to keep the atmosphere fresh and prevent excess dampness and condensation.
  7. Door Type: Doors should be easy to open and shut, provide an air-tight seal and should include accessories that can further regulate the temperature.
  8. Maintenance: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for regular maintenance, as this can help reduce costly repairs in the future.

International Coolers™ cold storage solutions are engineered and designed to each customers needs.

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