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International Coolers offers custom and standard-sized walk-in freezers that are built at the highest industry standard. The freezers use a cam-locking system that is connected using tongue and groove panels. This creates the perfect air-tight seal preventing wasted energy or thermal infiltration into the insulation core. If you need a quality, commercial-grade walk-in freezer, International Coolers has the solutions for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Walk-In Costs

International Coolers has a nation-wide service network to service their walk-ins and refrigeration systems. Call your in-house sales representative for the service dealer near you.

International Coolers believes that walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers are a must in the many markets we service. Most walk ins are purchased because they are necessary to the success of the business they serve. That is why most walk ins are not purchased emotionally but logically. Most customers purchase a walk-in wanting a certain level of quality then they look for the lowest price they can get. International Coolers has always provided the best quality walk-ins at the most reasonable pricing in the industry. You will not find a better value in any other walk in produced today. We may not always be the cheapest but at the level of quality you need in your application, you will not find a better buy.

Drawings & Specifications

Yes. International Coolers makes all sizes of walk-in coolers and freezers. Call your local International Coolers dealer for a competitive price on your walk-in.

Yes International Coolers  has an automated custom manufacturing plant and resources to provide our customers custom products with the high level of quality that you find in our standard products. Call your dealer or go to our dealer search page to find a dealer near you.

Go to our engineering specifications page and choose which format you want for our complete specifications.

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