Advantages of Polyurethane Foam Panels

The advantages for using International Coolers™ polyurethane foam panels for building walk-in coolers and freezers are numerous. International Coolers™ polyurethane foam panel walk-in coolers & walk-in freezers offers superior insulation capabilities which helps maintain desired temperatures and ensures energy efficiency. International Coolers™ polyurethane foam panels also offer excellent fire resistance, strength, and lightweight capabilities. Furthermore, International Coolers™ polyurethane foam panels can create a vapor barrier that blocks out moisture and prevents potential damages to walk-in coolers and freezers due to humidity.

Some benefits of our tongue and groove polyurethane foam walk-in cooler panels that use cam-locks include a more secure and safer installation, improved resistance to moisture and air leaks, enhanced insulation and climate control, and superior strength and durability. Additionally, cam-locks provide an advantage when it comes to the maintenance and repair of walk-in coolers and freezers, allowing for more efficient removal of damaged panels and installation of new foam panels with minimal disruption.

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